Let’s get personal, shall we? Slayla's story starts off a little bit dark, but don’t worry there is light at the end of this tunnel. On April 18th of 2018 my life took a very dark turn, my daughter “Layla” passed away on that dreadful day and spiritually so did I. Layla was precious to me, she was my world. Layla was born on January 31st in 2017, so every year on this particular day is a very emotional day for me. On what would’ve been her 3rd birthday in 2020 was a day that would change my entire life in a matter of seconds. To make a long story short I was mentally tired of wearing a mask of happiness over my face, pretending everyday that I was capable of being “normal” again for the sake of my family and friends. I finally fell weak and decided to join my daughter Layla in heaven, I decided earth was no longer a place where I wanted to be. I began the “process” of attempting suicide and all I heard was my conscience screaming “DON'T DO IT” I felt a force of positive energy grab me and I heard the words “you will live and you will live with a purpose"It was at that moment I decided to wipe my tears and pick myself up from my bed and I began to walk into the kitchen looking for a pen and paper to write on..I scrambled through the kitchen drawer and I found a pen and paper. I walked over to the chair in the living room to sit down and I began to brainstorm and list names, names for a clothing brand! I made numerous failed attempts and that's when I finally said to myself, "LAYLA & SLAY" I combined the 2 words and there you had it “SLAYLA”. January 31st of 2020 ( Layla’s 3rd birthday) SLAYLA was born, and everything took off from there. At this point I decided and vouched to myself that I make a majority of this collection fun and bright to match my daughters bubbly and loving personality. If Layla could light up the darkest room, than my clothes would have to too. I even named a lot of my pieces after her and other people I love to add more meaning and authenticity into Slayla. I wanted to create something that would have her name live on as if she were still here in the flesh. Just to think people of all races all over the world will be wearing our timeless pieces, pieces that were created in memory of her name. To know many beautiful souls will be choosing our brand to wear on their most memorable making moments in their life. Layla will be part of many peoples lives when a Slayla piece is worn, and knowing this makes my heart melt in joy.We are more than just a clothing company and we want you to know to us you are more than just our customer, you are our Slayla babe.To the many women that will wear Slayla, thank you for having Layla be apart of your life because I am blessed to have had her for the time I did in mine.

With love,
-Natalie Diaz(Owner of Slayla)